Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy,TUM-Munich, Germany 2007

Thesis Title: Large Scale Structures in X-ray Surveys Advisor: Günther Hasinger Laurea in Astronomy (Master), University of Bologna 2004 Advisor Prof. G.G.C. Palumbo

Research Interests

Active Galactic Nuclei, Galaxy Evolution, Black Holes, Cosmology, X-ray surveys, Space Telescopes

Awards, Honors, & Grants

2004 Marie Curie Early stage research PhD fellowship

2004 DLR Verbund Forschung grant

2007 NASA XMM-GI grant: Completion of XMM-COSMOS

2008 NASA XMM-GI grant XMM-CDFS Ultradeep 2009 Prize, Della Riccia foundation, Italy 2009 Prize, Blanceflor foundation, Sweden

2010 INAF International Postdoctoral Fellowship

2010 Marsden Prize, European Astrosky Network

2011 NASA Fermi Cycle 4 GI grant:Stacking of Galaxy Clusters

2011 NASA Chandra Cycle 13 GI grant: CXB-CIB correlation

2011 NASA Fermi Cycle 5 GI grant :HOD of Fermi AGN

2013 NASA Chandra Cycle 15 GI grant CXB-CIB correlation

2010-present, several co-I ship in PRIN-INAF grants

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